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Product Care & Maintenance

Solid timber is by its very nature durable. Its strength and inherent beauty are being favoured more and more above the synthetic substitutes found in most retail stores today. While solid timber furniture requires no more maintenance than other furniture, it does require some special consideration. There are just a few simple things you should know to make sure your piece stays looking its best...

Do's and Dont's

Avoid placing your furniture over central heating ducts or near windows where heat from excessive summer sun may cause undue shrinkage. Very hot serving dishes should not be placed directly on the surface – use a well insulated mat or trivet. If it’s too hot to hold, it’s too hot to place directly on the surface. Rings from coffee cups and other similar marks can be easily removed by lightly buffing with a clean cotton cloth and/or with periodic waxing.

Be careful to avoid exposure to excessive moisture like a damp room or an over watered houseplant placed on the surface. Don’t worry about the occasional spill of water or alcoholic drinks on the surface; only prolonged exposure may cause harm. Clean spills with a non-abrasive cloth dampened with warm water.

The two great enemies are ballpoint pens and crockery with unglazed or coarse under surfaces. Be careful to use place mats under plates and other tableware and a few extra sheets of paper underneath when you’re writing.

Waxing Instructions

To periodically reapply wax to your furniture, follow these simple instructions. You will need:

  • Good quality beeswax based furniture polish
    (available through Heartwood Furniture or your local hardware store)
  • Soft cotton cloth, such as well-washed flannelette or cotton sheeting

Timber Furniture Polishing
  1) Take a piece of cloth about 35cm (14") square and shape it into a wad that fits comfortably into your hand. Wipe the wad across the wax collecting a sparing amount and apply it to the surface covering a section about 45cm (18"). Work first in a circular motion, then with the direction of the grain. Be careful in applying it evenly, covering the area thoroughly. You will be able to see the wax lying on the surface as it will appear dull and feel a little sticky. It will quickly harden, so don't apply too much and don’t be tempted to cover a greater area.

Polishing Solid Timber Furniture
  2) You will begin to see the shine of the new wax appearing as you take a second cloth and buff vigorously in along the direction of the grain.
Repeat these steps, overlapping each section, and finish by rubbing the full length of the surface with the second clean cloth. The investment of a little effort will be rewarded with a beautiful velvet lustre that will improve with each subsequent re-application.
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